We’d like to say a huge congratulations to Wendy Searle for completing her trek to the South Pole! She has skied more than 700 miles in 42 days, 16hrs, 23mins – without a single day of rest.

As Wendy battled her way across the frozen wastes of the Antarctic continent, her mental strength was tested to the limit. Her challenges along the way included physical hardship, isolation, monotony, sub-zero temperatures, white-outs and the life-threatening danger of crevasses.
She has become the 7th solo, unsupported female ever to ski from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole, completing it in the 4th fastest time. She has no cold weather injuries and is in great shape.

  • Expedition Statistics:
  • 42 days, 16hrs, 23mins – Official Expedition time
  • 4 – 4th Fastest solo unsupported female
  • 7 – 7th Female ever to complete Hercules Inlet to South Pole, solo & unsupported
  • 0 – Resupplies
  • 0 – Rest Days Taken
  • 0 – Cold weather injuries
  • 2 – Teeth broken
  • 720 – miles skied
  • 12 – kg in bodyweight lost
  • 258,000 – Calories consumed
  • 473 – Hours skied
  • 0 – Penguins seen
  • 46 – Days without a shower, so far…

Upon reaching the South Pole, Wendy was elated: “I haven’t broken the speed record but I feel like I’ve won an Olympic gold medal and the lottery, all rolled into one. It’s been the most momentous journey and an absolute rollercoaster of emotion.”
Well done Wendy. Your endurance, resilience, strength and achievement are an inspiration to us all.


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