In our new podcast episode for General Talk, our host Harry Bucknall speaks to the charity Waterloo Uncovered, which we fund, about how battlefield archaeology promotes veterans’ mental health and wellbeing.

In a fascinating conversation, Harry is joined by Mark Evans (CEO/Co-Founder), Lt Col Charles Foinette (Co-Founder and trustee), Professor Tony Pollard (Archaeological Director) and two volunteer veterans, Rachel and Sean.

Mark, Charles and Tony talk at length about their experiences in battlefield archaeology and its parallels with military life, Army teamwork and camaraderie in adverse conditions.

As Mark says: “Veterans get a sense of purpose and belonging from being involved in projects with real meaning” and “conflict archaeology is a unique way of engaging with the past”.

In that context, they tell a moving story about a double amputee ex-Coldstream Guardsman — and Afghanistan veteran — who found a musket ball fired at Waterloo by a fellow Coldstreamer 200 years ago, and what it meant to him as a former soldier.

Rachel and Sean also tell Harry about how working with Waterloo Uncovered was a “game-changer”, restored a “sense of self-worth” and helped them to develop “new friendships with like-minded people”.

To hear more from the Waterloo Uncovered team, listen to our new episode of General Talk.

More information about Waterloo Uncovered is also available here:

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