Congratulations to the Tiverton Detachment which has defended its title as winners of the Revision Cadet Challenge for another year, totalling an amazing fifth time the detachment has lifted the trophy.

The Revision Cadet Challenge is an annual challenge exclusively for the Army Cadet Force to put their skills to the test by taking on unique fundraising activities in support of our charity and the Army family.

To earn the winning spot, the Tiverton Detachment completed a variety of fundraising activities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

  • The Everest Challenge, which saw cadets climb 8,848m over 44.3km while carrying a 20kg pack in just ten hours
  • The virtual Company Challenge where several cadets covered the distance between all ten detachments in A Company – a huge 98.9 mile challenge
  • An SAS Endurance challenge which required carrying kit weighing 30kg over a 64km route in 15 hours

Well done to the Tiverton Detachment for becoming this year’s winners and for supporting our charity even through the pandemic.

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