The Soldiers’ Charity has awarded a grant of £24,598 to The Ripple Pond, a charity that assists the families and friends of wounded service personnel. The grant will go towards funding the charity’s staff and support costs, translating into added relief for its members.

The Ripple Pond is a self-help network which seeks to relieve need, suffering and distress through mutual sharing and support. It was founded by two mothers of wounded service personnel, who recognised that no charity existed purely to address the needs of adult family members and friends, and who found a shared strength in supporting one another.

The Ripple Pond operates a series of peer-led support networks across the United Kingdom, with the aim of helping families and friends to come to terms with the injuries sustained by their servicemen and women. Its regional group meetings, online forums and buddy system offer understanding and acceptance for those who are living through similar experiences. The charity aims to empower its members to seek support when they need it most, providing them with a safe space in which to address and adapt to their circumstances.

The Soldiers’ Charity grant will cover a portion of The Ripple Pond’s core operational costs, enabling it to go on providing its vital services.

Mark Houghton, Chair of Trustees at The Ripple Pond, says: “The generous support provided by The Soldiers’ Charity through this grant underpins the belief of our small team that the service we provide is needed and will go a long way to ensure that we can make life a little easier for the families of those who have been injured or wounded and who are struggling to cope.”

Brigadier (Ret’d) Robin Bacon, Chief of Staff at The Soldiers’ Charity, adds: “The Ripple Pond is a wonderful charity that does so much to support the families and friends of our wounded soldiers, veterans and reservists. Their self-help meetings, buddy system and Facebook group provide a much-needed respite for those in the most challenging of circumstances, providing them with a space to process and heal. We at The Soldiers’ Charity applaud you for the work you do. We are delighted to be able to support you.”


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