We have recently given the Matthew Project a grant of more than £38,000 towards their “affected others” support.

In 2013, the Matthew Project launched an Armed Forces support service named Outside the Wire, which provides specialist one-to-one support to veterans, current serving personnel, and family members affected by substance misuse and PTSD across Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex. The service is run by veterans, for veterans – all Outside the Wire staff are either veterans themselves or have been brought up in a military environment. The majority of their work involves outreach support – reaching people in their own homes and communities. In addition, they offer activities, workshops, and group sessions across the region.
They work with people to reduce their substance misuse, raise their self-esteem, and get them involved with events and activities. Outside the Wire also focuses heavily on raising awareness – giving families the understanding and tools to help with these issues.

Our grant will allow Outside the Wire to continue providing support for “affected others” (dependents and close family members of veterans and current serving personnel suffering from substance misuse or PTSD). This work involves behavioural family therapy (BFT), which helps families to improve communication and to support one another. Over the next year, this project will provide one-to-one support, BFT, and activities to at least 30 individuals across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Wayne Copsey, Outside the Wire Manager, said: “What a vast difference The Soldiers’ Charity’s funding will make. It will help us to continue providing specialist care and support to families across Norfolk and Suffolk, improving family relationships and enhancing the lives of our service users. On top of this, the funding will also allow us to run recreational activities and outings to children and partners across the region.
“Over the past few years, The Soldiers’ Charity has played a crucial role in the development of Outside the Wire, providing financial support and allowing us to grow the service and reach more of those needing our support. On behalf of our staff and service users, thank you.”

Brigadier (Ret’d) Robin Bacon, Chief of Staff, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity adds: “Outside the Wire is a crucial support service for our soldiers, veterans and their families. The hard work they undertake in helping to reduce substance misuse and to strengthen communications within family units is vital for the wellbeing of the Army family, both in and out of Service. The Soldiers’ Charity would like to thank you for all of your efforts.”

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