Our charity is delighted to award a £20,000 grant to Alabaré towards its self-build homes programme for homeless and vulnerable veterans.

Promoting the health and wellbeing of veterans, and helping them to secure suitable homes, is a priority for our charity. Alabaré helps vulnerable people across the country and regularly supports around 2,500 individuals each year across all its full range of homes and services.

Our grant will help fund the cost of a site manager for Alabaré’s self-build programme, which enables veterans to be part of schemes to build their own homes and, at the same time, receive training in the construction industry. The schemes work in partnership with local building firms and housing associations, mainly in Wiltshire, Devon and South Wales.

Andrew Lord, Chief Executive Alabaré, said:

“We are extremely grateful to the Army Benevolent Fund for its grant. Alabaré’s Veterans’ Self-Build Scheme enables veterans who have struggled, and been homeless in their civilian lives, to regain their self-belief, learn new skills in the construction industry and live in a house they have helped to build. Overall, the scheme means that veterans have the chance to build a strong future for themselves and go on to successful independent lives once more.”

Brigadier (Ret’d) Peter Monteith, Chief Operating Officer Army Benevolent Fund, added:

“Housing provision for veterans is a priority area for our charity. We are always ready to do what we can to help partner charities provide affordable and suitable homes for veterans and their families. We have a longstanding relationship with Alabaré and were pleased to support its self-build project this year.”

Read more about Alabaré’s work here.

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