Tom, a former soldier in the Household Cavalry, fell on hard times after leaving the Army, experiencing homelessness and substance misuse. Our partners at Launchpad, the homeless charity, which we proudly fund, provided him with secure and safe accommodation and he is now enjoying a happier and more stable life.

Tom experienced an extremely difficult childhood in the care system as he had no close family. In 1998 he joined the Household Cavalry and served for three years. After leaving the Army, he found it hard to adjust to civilian life, frequently changing jobs and living in temporary accommodation.

Unfortunately, Tom turned to drugs, including cocaine, as a way of coping with his situation and the memories of a troubled childhood. After 10 years of substance misuse, he sought help from Tom Harrison House, a specialist addiction recovery charity in Liverpool, where he successfully completed a residential three-month rehab programme. After rehab he became homeless again and was referred to our partners Launchpad who provided him with a flat in the charity’s Hollyacre House near Durham in April 2023.

Tom says: “As soon as I came into the flat, I went wow. I love it here. I now have a trusting family. I am in a safe place and interacting with people. Everyone is amazing. I live in a rural area with no police cars around here. It’s a different world to Liverpool and Derby.  I can go out with Mabel, my beagle and best friend. My thanks to ABF for providing me with a Welcome Pack to give me a start in rebuilding my life. All I want now is a peaceful life.”

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