Ron was awarded the Legion d’Honneur for his Army service during France’s liberation in World War Two. He now lives happily at Care for Veterans, one of our partner charity care homes.

Ron was just 19 when he was conscripted into the Army in 1942 as a Sapper in the Corps of Royal Engineers. He still remembers his time in basic training when he and his colleagues were trained to make kettles from scratch as an exercise in practicality and resourcefulness. He was also trained to clear minefields and handle booby traps.

Ron and his unit deployed to Normandy just after the D-Day landings as part of the follow-up forces tasked with rescue operations. He recalls the camaraderie that came with sharing the hardships as well as the quieter respite moments amid the chaos of war. Decades later, he also fondly remembers his best friend with whom he had worked before the war and who was sadly killed during the Normandy campaign.

Ron was honoured to receive the Chevalier de La Legion d’Honneur medal “in recognition of his acknowledged military engagement and steadfast involvement in the Liberation of France during World War Two”. After the war ended, he was based in Duisburg, Germany as part of the occupying forces, where his role changed from combat engineer to peacekeeper.

Returning to civilian life, Ron began his long career at Barclays Bank, where he remained for the next thirty years before his retirement.

He says: “Reflecting on my time in the Army and returning to post-war Britain was not easy but I feel I was more resilient and able to adapt to my new life given the experiences of my military service.”

Ron is a widower and, since 2021, has lived at Care for Veterans in Worthing, Sussex, one of our partner charity care homes. He enjoys life there, especially with his family living close by.

Christine Gillott, Head of External Engagement, Care for Veterans, says: “We are extremely grateful for the loyal support we have received from the Army Benevolent Fund for many, many years. Thanks to their generosity, hundreds of Army veterans have benefitted from our specialist care and rehabilitation services, including Ron.”

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