Reece served in The Rifles Regiment but had to leave the Army early due to a back injury. Our partners at Launchpad, which we proudly fund, provided him with secure and safe accommodation, with some assistance from the ABF. He is now working hard to secure stable employment.

Reece had an unsettled childhood before joining The Rifles aged 17. Unfortunately, he damaged his back during initial training and had to leave the Army early. In June 2023, since he had nowhere to live, he was offered accommodation by Launchpad, the homeless charity, at its Hollyacre House in Durham. Reece says: “I was lost in myself. I never had my own flat before. The only person I spoke to was my partner. I came to Launchpad with just my clothes and xbox and was given a welcome pack provided by the ABF, which included bedding, toiletries, cutlery, plates, and a food pack. This was a great kick start to help me out.”

Reflecting positively on his current situation, Reece says: “Since June I have come out of my shell, have settled down and feel more mature and self-sufficient. I am believing in myself and taking the opportunities offered by Launchpad. I have also moved into a larger apartment, which I keep tidy, and batch cook to save money. I have also been attending a local college about a mile away and have gained health and safety and safeguarding qualifications. This has helped me to get out of the house, which is good. I am very thankful to both the ABF and Launchpad for giving me the support to start my life again in a safe and trusting environment.”

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