Michael was a Corporal in The Royal Regiment of Scotland when he was badly wounded in Afghanistan and had to learn how to walk again. Before his medical discharge, our charity provided a £2000 grant towards household appliances. Since leaving the Army, Michael has rebuilt his life and found a new sense of purpose.

Michael grew up in a Scottish military family, including a great uncle killed in World War Two during Operation Market Garden (Arnhem), and two grandfathers who were soldiers. Michael joined The Kings Own Scottish Borderers, later The Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (1 SCOTS).

Photo credit: Murray Kerr

Michael specialised in surveillance and reconnaissance and served in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2012, during his second tour in Afghanistan, his section was ambushed by the Taliban and he was shot in both legs and spine, shattering his pelvis and causing serious internal bleeding.

Fortunately, Michael was rescued quickly and treated for his wounds in Camp Bastion. He says: “The guys on the ground initially gave me life-saving treatment before the ambulance turned up. There was catastrophic bleeding which just missed an artery. The medic saved my life. I didn’t want to die; it was my daughter’s second birthday the next day.”

Following seven operations at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, Michael learned to walk again after extensive physiotherapy and treatment at the Defence Medical and Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court and the Army Personnel Recovery unit in Edinburgh.

During his recovery, Michael needed an equipped flat as a base, so our charity gave him a £2,000 grant towards household appliances. He says: “I could not have moved forward without these white goods. The flat was complete and I could reinvent myself. I am always thankful and grateful for the support I received from ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.”

After Michael left the Army, for a time he felt lost and took various jobs before he settled into regular employment in 2019. He now leads a fulfilling life as a passionate motivational public speaker, drawing on his Army experiences, and is an enthusiastic supporter of our charity.

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