Matt served in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR) for 17 years but had to leave the Army because of complications arising from an ankle injury sustained in Afghanistan, which eventually led to the deterioration and loss of a lower leg below the knee. Our charity funded a new electrical adjustable bed to improve his quality of life.

Matt grew up in an Army family. He says: “I felt I was naturally suited to the Army”. He served in the PWRR for 17 years, reaching the rank of Sergeant. During his service he qualified as a Specialist Weapons Instructor and Armourer and undertook and passed both Junior and Senior Brecon courses that prepared Matt to become an infantry commander and future instructor.

In 2009, Matt deployed with his platoon to Afghanistan as an Acting LCpl and his call sign came under attack during an operation with the Afghanistan National Army. He injured his ankle but was able to continue with the platoon’s tasking. Matt was awarded a Chief of Joint Operations Certificate of Commendation for his actions and exceptional bravery.

In 2010, after Junior Brecon, Matt was involved in a road traffic accident which compounded the injury, resulting in an ankle ligament operation. He further injured himself during exercises on the Brecon Beacons and in Canada. Matt had a further operation on his left lower limb but, unfortunately, picked up a post operative infection and his left leg became more unstable.

Matt says: “I was in absolute agony with my leg for nearly six years”. In 2018, he was told that he could not continue in a frontline infantry role, so he decided to leave the Army and was medically discharged in 2022. A below left knee amputation took place in June 2023. He now walks on his prosthetic leg and is making good progress.

In May 2023, the Army Benevolent Fund provided £1,000 towards the cost of an electrical adjustable bed to improve his postural support and positioning. He says: “The bed has been amazing. During the first months after the operation, this meant I was able to elevate my feet every night to help my recovery. I think the bed has been one of the biggest things that got me through this period 100%.”

Matt with his family

Matt lives in Hampshire with his wife, three children and dogs, Hudson and Buddy. He now works as a head mechanic for a local company and is keeping the same positive spirit and outlook that he demonstrated throughout his Army career.

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