Kane served in the Army for over five years but had to leave after suffering a perforated ear drum during a test firing exercise. In collaboration with our partners, Walking With The Wounded (WWTW), our charity funded tree climbing courses as part of Kane’s training and qualification as an Arborist for a major utilities company.

Kane served in The Rifles Regiment for five and a half years. During a test firing exercise his left eardrum was perforated by a machine gun fired at close range, which led to hearing loss, and he was medically discharged in 2021.

Kane had enjoyed his time in the Army and had some difficulty adjusting to civilian life, especially since his discharge was at such short notice and he had no prearranged job. Because he did not qualify for resettlement support, he felt a keen sense of loss and abandonment.

Deciding to revive and develop his joinery skills from college, Kane retrained in Arboriculture to work outdoors. The Armed Forces Outreach service referred him to WWTW for employment support and the ABF helped fund tree climbing courses as part of his training for professional qualifications as an Arborist. Kane’s hard work and dedication paid off with a new career; he now works for a major utilities company, clearing trees beside power lines and is saving up for a new home.

Acknowledging the assistance received from WWTW and the ABF, Kane says: “Working outdoors was the only thing that really appealed to me. Thanks to the help and support, I have now found my feet and life is positive again. I now have a rewarding job and I have a future. I would not be in this position without everyone coming together to help make it happen.”

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