1)     What is the most fool-proof side dish to make?

One of the simplest side dishes has to be our Tadka Dal (lentils). The lentils are packed with protein and they just need to boil and simmer to bring out its flavour. We make it our own by tempering (Tadka) with cumin seeds, garlic and spices.

2)     What side dish could you never live without?

The sag aloo. It’s a great way to make healthy spinach taste amazing and with baby potatoes giving it that bite. It’s a firm favourite as a great side dish.

3)     What is your signature side dish?

We’ll have to say our Shahi Paneer. It’s cooked with a tomato, onion and yoghurt base with herbs and spices to make it creamy and moreish. ‘Shahi’ means ‘royalty’ and this dish needs to be fitting! We source the finest fresh Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) that just makes our customers keep coming back for it. 

4)     Which celebrity would you love to taste your signature side dish?

With the Cricket World cup on we’d love batting legend, Sachin Tendulkar, to try our Shahi Paneer!

5)     Three most important ingredients to a side dish?

Turmeric, Garam Masala (a blend of 10 whole spices) and quality fresh vegetables. And of course, tender love and care to balance out the key ingredients!

6)     Eat with your eyes or eat with your heart?

Both… or just close your eyes as the first mouthful goes in and let your heart tell you when to stop!

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