The Mercian Regiment 2nd Battalion B (Malta) Company were due to return to the UK after a two year posting to Cyprus but as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, they were required to stay a little longer. To show their support for the Army family, they have completed a 3,500km trek on foot – the same distance of their current home in Episkopi, Cyrus to the Weeton Barracks in the UK.

Around 50 soldiers and officers from the company took part and in true Light Infantry style, every person covered an average of 40 miles either by walking or running.

As temperatures can soar during the day, many of the soldiers set off at 04:30am to cover the distance. The company have had to adapt to COVID-19 guidelines on group physical training so digitally logged their independent distance. They added to a daily leader board to total up the distance between them.

The company raised funds for the NHS, the Mercian Benevolent Charity and our charity to give back to the Army family in times of need.

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