Stoll - Housing and helping veterans

We have continued to support Stoll, a leading veterans’ charity and housing association, with their tenancy support service by awarding them a grant of £40,000.

Tenancy support delivers bespoke casework to vulnerable veterans, so that they can maintain their tenancies and succeed in adapting to life as a civilian. Thanks to this grant, 50 veterans will be able to manage a tenancy, keep on top of bill payments, maximise their income, and avoid the risk of eviction and the cycle of homelessness.

For younger, disabled veterans, with significant injuries relating to Army service, Stoll focuses on developing skills that enable independent living, such as shopping for food, housework, paying bills, and registering with utility providers, GPs, dentists, and so on. For older veterans, often in poor physical health and suffering from frailty or the emergence of dementia, Stoll helps them carry out everyday tasks which will enable them to continue to live independently in their own home for as long as possible.

One veteran who has benefitted from The Soldiers’ Charity grant is Tom, who had a 15-year career in the Forces and served in multiple territories including the Falkland’s, Northern Ireland, and Malaysia. Tom, of the parachute clearing troops with 2 Para, recalled his tour of the Falklands in the resuscitation team:

“I landed on 21st May 1982 from the tank landing craft on Ajax Bay. I left three or four days after the surrender in June. It’s beyond description how exhausting working 11 days without seeing your bed is. It was physically and mentally draining. In four-and a half weeks, 774 casualties came through my team.

“It took me more than a year to come through that and 90 percent of the guys I served with felt the same way. My nightmares were hitting me four or five times a week, several times a night. I’d wake up at 3am, 4am, 5am, kicking and screaming. It was when you’re no longer under this pressure, it comes to the surface.”

Tom was housed with Stoll in July 2013 and has been supported by them during his tenancy.

“I loved being in the Forces, absolutely loved it. Things didn’t turn out the way I had expected when I left and I ended up with housing problems. Stoll was there when I needed help. I love my flat and I’ve really enjoyed making it my own. Staff have been brilliant in offering support.”

Ed Tytherleigh, Chief Executive of Stoll, says:

“We are deeply appreciative of the continued, generous support of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, which is so vital in enabling Stoll to provide tailored support for vulnerable veterans, many of whom would otherwise be at risk of homelessness. The grant enables us to offer tailored packages of tenancy support to veterans resident in our properties, to ensure that they can sustain their homes and avoid the cycle of over-indebtedness, which so often leads to homelessness. Your support means that hundreds of veterans can rebuild their lives and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to live independently, both now and in the future.”

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