Sarah Adams

Charity Ambassador

In 2009, Sarah’s son Private James Prosser was killed while serving with The Royal Welsh in Afghanistan. He was just 21.

Sarah has counted the days since losing James and has kept his memory alive by dedicating herself to championing the rights of injured soldiers and campaigning for improved support for bereaved families. 

Sarah said: “I think it is important that his unit still remembers we miss him. He wasn’t just your soldier; he was my son.” It has been nearly 4,000 days since James’ passing. To honour him during the 10th anniversary of that devastating day, Sarah set a target of raising £3,653 in 62 days – the number of days James served in Afghanistan.

Sarah is a tireless ambassador for our charity. We would like to thank her, her family and friends for their incredible work over the past 10 years. It is with her help that we can continue to support soldiers, veterans and their family members. Sarah said: “I’m just a Mum. I’m sure everybody would be the same.”


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