Warren Burbage at Rifle Run 2018
Warren Burbage

Yesterday, Sunday 18th March, we saw nearly 100 participants brave the sub-freezing temperatures and snowy conditions to take part in our brand-new event, Rifle Run.

The atmosphere was electric as our runners showed up (all wrapped up!) ready to run and shoot their way around EJ Churchill’s scenic estate. Tea, coffee and running jerseys were provided at registration for participants who happily chatted among themselves and shared their tips for success in the conditions which they were soon to face.

Oliver Cole at Rifle Run 2018
Oliver Cole

As the last wave of runners embarked on their challenge, our fastest Rifle Run runner made his way over the finish line to mark his success. We’d like to say a massive congratulations to Jamie Pearson who completed Rifle Run in 56 minutes 21 seconds and managed to hit an impressive 18 targets!

Each participant received their Rifle Run 2018 medal, and a goody bag full of treats, after they took a moment to bask in their sheer joy upon finishing this mentally and physically tough challenge. Those who hit an impressive 15 or more targets at the three shooting stations located on the course received their Soldiers’ Charity official Marksman certificate. Three participants, Oliver Cole, Phil Boast and Warren Burbage, all managed to hit 19/20 targets! Impressive.

Phil Boast at Rifle Run 2018
Phil Boast

The day was filled with smiles, laughter and elation as the race came to an end with participants warming up in the lodge with a plateful of hot food and a hot cup of tea.

We’re over the moon with how well our first-ever Rifle Run event went and we can’t wait to bring this back next year! Keep your eyes peeled for the opening of next year’s registration.

For participants who ran this year’s event, we’d love for you to send us your personal photos or videos from the day! Please send to [email protected] 

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