We are delighted to award With You (formerly Addaction) a £30,000 grant to continue its specialist drugs, alcohol and mental health programme for Armed Forces veterans.

Steven, one of the programme’s Army Veteran Recovery Champions, pictured at the Not Forgotten Buckingham Palace Garden Party.

Research has shown that alcohol issues are among the most common problems affecting service leavers. Left untreated, veterans can go on to face associated challenges such as unemployment, debt, homelessness and family breakdown. As a charity, we are committed to supporting the mental wellbeing of the Army community and are delighted to continue our partnership with With You to support veterans battling substance dependency.

The Right Turn programme is specifically designed for veterans, working around the strengths, challenges and experiences of military life to guide people along the path to recovery. Alongside drugs, alcohol and mental health advice, staff offer practical support such as linking up veterans with others who have shared similar experiences, or assisting with housing and financial issues. By equipping veterans with the tools to better manage their mental health, the programme helps them develop the resilience to overcome these issues and lead fulfilling lives.

Our grant will support all aspects of this multi-layered programme, including:

  • Training staff to assess and recognise the specific challenges that participating veterans may be facing and create a tailored programme to aid recovery
  • Veteran-only peer support groups
  • Veteran volunteer ‘Recovery Champions’ who are now in recovery and volunteer to support others
  • Specialist one-to-one treatment sessions that acknowledge the specific experience, problems, and needs of veterans
  • Established pathways into veteran specific benefits advice, mental health support, and housing services
  • Training of Veteran Leads in services from amongst We Are With You staff, to ensure appropriate delivery of veteran services at a local level
  • Armed Forces online WebChat
  • National Mutual Aid Meetings

Hannah Snart, Right Turn Programme Coordinator (England), said: “I am extremely proud of the work we do at the Right Turn Program, providing the Armed Forces community across England with specific peer led support, creating a safe environment to share thoughts, feelings and experiences to aid recovery. With You is the only charity within our sector to provide a bespoke program, made possible by the support of The ABF Soldiers’ Charity. Thank you!”

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