Markus Liebenberg first heard about The Cateran Yomp while taking part in The Frontline Walk in 2015. After experiencing the camaraderie of The Frontline Walk, and a few encouraging words from those who had complete the Yomp previously, Markus decided to sign up.

An experienced walker, Markus is aware that anything beyond 30 miles is far more complicated and so, having set himself the challenge, he began training.

Using the training guides provided by our charity, Markus was able to work out the appropriate nutrition, water, and energy drinks required for each period of walking.

His training began in January 2017, working around his other commitments, Markus varied the length of his walks between short, medium, and long treks. Over a typical month, he would take two short walks on a weekday after work, typically five to ten miles long. His medium length walks were ten to fifteen miles long and Markus tried to complete these on a weekend, twice a month. Finally, he would attempt to walk over thirty miles, usually on a Saturday to get himself mentally and physically prepared for the epic Yomp challenge, completing two over-thirty mile walks in the space of a month. In order to maintain his fitness Markus also took part in two 30 to 40 minute cross training sessions each month.

Though Markus was very well prepared physically, walking the beautiful Chilterns in South Buckinghamshire offered a far more reliable terrain than the bogs he faced in Scotland. It was Markus’ mentality and his strict training regime that got him through the 54-mile walk in an impressive 22 hours.

Speaking about the charity, Markus says; “It’s a great charity and I’m very proud and privileged to help through participation in these events… I was really pleasantly surprised to find out how efficient the charity was, and continues to be.”

Thank you, Markus, for your participation and we look forward to seeing you at another event in the future!

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