Our Regional Staff

In each of our regional offices you will find the following staff on hand to help:

Regional Director (RD)

The Regional Directors have overall responsibility for the regions’ fundraising activities as well as promoting the work of the Charity, engagement with supporters, trusts, sponsors, schools, local media, corporate partners and the Army. The Regional Director also manages our local volunteers and provides support to our Volunteer Committees.

Executive Assistant (EA)

The Executive Assistants provide administrative support to the activities of both the RD and the region’s volunteers.  Many of our EAs are tasked with briefings to new supporters and volunteers and run some of our regional events.

Briefing and Liaison Officer (BLO)

In 2010 the Trustees of the Charity introduced the role of the Briefing and Liaison Officer.  They felt it was important that the close relationship between the soldier and the Charity must be maintained.  Our BLOs, who are normally a recently retired full career soldier, are tasked with engaging the Army, both Regular and Reserve and the Army Cadet Force with the work of the Charity.  The BLOs’ skillset also lends itself to them being talented event fundraisers so you will probably see them out and about in our branded Charity vans.


Our volunteers make up the most valuable part of our regional teams.  Volunteers serve on our local committees organising their own events or give up their time to help out with our regional activities.  We would love to hear from you if you would be interested in volunteering, please click on the map on the previous page to find your nearest office.

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