In this edition of our General Talk podcast, host Harry Bucknall talks to Lieutenant General Tom Copinger-Symes CBE, Deputy Commander UK Strategic Command.

Lt Gen Copinger-Symes offers an expert perspective on the scale of cyber and data threats facing UK military operations, and the lessons about cyber warfare from the Ukraine conflict.

He talks about the changing character of modern warfare brought about by these technologies and the impact on soldiers’ professional training and skills, as well as military leadership. He explains how harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make the Armed Forces more efficient and productive and how three data-driven capabilities (analysis, automation, and autonomy) deliver “precision, speed and mass”. He says: “Turning winning battles into winning wars is fundamentally about information.”

Lt Gen Copinger-Symes also mentions the importance of soldiers, sailors and airmen working closely with civil servants and industry.

The ABF is grateful to Lt Gen Copinger-Symes for giving up his valuable time for our podcast. Read more about his role here.

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