In this edition of the General Talk podcast, and in the July edition of the programme, we focus on a key element of soldier training and development, the Army Apprenticeship Programme. 

The Army is the top apprenticeship employer in Britain, ahead of BT, the Royal Navy and PricewaterhouseCoopers International. On average, there are 13,000 Army apprentices on the scheme at any one time, training up on 37 different standards or job qualifications. 

Harry Bucknall, the host of our General Talk podcast, visits Marchwood Port, Southampton, to meet Lieutenant Nathan Cosgrove, Yankee Troop Commander, 5-2 Squadron, and Apprentice Port Operators, Private Robert Brooks-Wardle and Private Ellis Feathers. He learns about the unique maritime nature of the privates’ roles as trainee Port Operators and the transferable skills, and civilian qualifications they are gaining as apprentices.  

Finally, Harry hears from Colonel Caroline Emmett, Assistant Head for Learning and Development in the Army, about the wider value of apprenticeships for the Army.  

She says: “We need high-performing and technically astute operators, and people that can upskill and reskill at pace. That requires people that can learn quickly on the job, and apprenticeships enable that early on. There’s also a wider benefit to society. So when a soldier apprentice, or soldier eventually leaves, they re-enter the national workforce with STEM qualifications, with transferable skills that other employers are also looking for.

Thanks to all our contributors for taking part in this programme.  

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