We are delighted to award a £30,000 grant to Step Together Volunteering towards its Rehabilitation Through Volunteering programme for serving soldiers and veterans.

Improving the mental health and wellbeing of soldiers and veterans is a priority for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. Step Together Volunteering is based in Bristol and the programme helps both Personnel on Recovery Duty (PRD) and injured veterans with complex physical and mental health needs to use volunteering as part of their recovery process. Veterans also use volunteering to acquire new job skills as they transition to civilian employment.

The charity’s project managers are all members of the Armed Forces Community (either ex-service personnel or their spouses), so are well placed to provide 1-1 coaching, empathy and help to those experiencing poor mental health, substance misuse, financial debt problems and other challenges. The programme aims to help around 100 PRD/veterans this year.

Anna-Clare Temple, CEO of Step Together Volunteering, said:

“We are incredibly grateful to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity for their support of our Armed Forces Community Programme. Without such support we simply wouldn’t be able to reach those members of the Armed Forces Community who face multiple barriers to fulfilling their potential as they transition to civilian life. This support means we can continue to offer intensive 1-1 support to those who need it, along with volunteering opportunities that help them gain confidence, skills and experience.”

Brigadier (Ret’d) Peter Monteith, Chief Operating Officer, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, added:

“Our charity is committed to supporting the mental and physical recovery of wounded soldiers and veterans. Step Together Volunteering’s remarkable work has made such a positive difference to many beneficiaries from the Army family.”

Read more about Step Together Volunteering here.

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