We are delighted to award a £200,000 grant to the Army Welfare Service (AWS) to fund its Out of School Adventures programme for children and teenagers in Army families.

Our charity is committed to supporting the immediate families of all those who serve their country. Our funding will enable the AWS to fund out of school holiday adventures for over 3,000 children and teenagers from Army families, covering sports, arts, musical activities and excursions in 60 different locations.

These adventurous activities aim to help to empower Army children and young people as part of their social development.

Rebecca Wakefield, AWS Chief Community Development Officer, said:

“We have the wellbeing and needs of children and young people with a parent serving in the Army at the centre of our community support programmes. ABF The Soldiers’ Charity’s support helps our high-quality provision for children, young people and families. The holiday programmes are really important for children to have somewhere to go, something to do and available support when they need it.”

Brigadier (Ret’d) Peter Monteith, Chief Operating Officer at ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, added:

“As the Army’s national charity we are proud of our longstanding relationship with the AWS and its brilliant work for Service families. We also take a keen interest in ensuring children and young people from Army families can live normal and fulfilling lives, given the impact that operational duties can have on many Army families. It is important that young people in Army families are not disadvantaged.”

Read more about the Army Welfare Service on the British Army’s website here.

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