In our special The Medals on Grandad’s Chest podcast, you can hear Mark Smith and Harry Bucknall discuss the medals of World War Two. Here are images of the medals

Number 1: 1939 - 45 Star

Number 2: Africa Star

Number 3: Defence Medal

Number 4: War Medal

Number 5: Italy Star

Number 6a: Pacific Star, Burma Clasp

Number 6b: Burma Star, Pacific Clasp

Number 7: Lance Sergeant Howe’s Military Medals

Number 8: Battle of Britain Clasp, 1939-45 Star

Number 9: North Africa Clasp, Africa Star

Number 10: Bomber Command Clasp, 1939-45 Star

Number 11: Arctic Star

Number 12: Continuous Discharge Book – soldier service at sea

Number 13: Application Card for WW2 Medals

Number 14: Box used to post medals

Number 15: Medals Box Contents List

Number 16: Citation for medals received in event of death

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