The Odyssey Project, established in 1994, is an exceptional organisation which enhances the quality of life for people with cancer through programmes of challenge and adventure, based mainly in the outdoors. To help the Odyssey Project continue to provide support to those who need it, we have awarded the Odyssey Project a grant of more than £7,500 to enable up to eight Army personnel, veterans, or their spouses, to attend one of their programmes.

Participants are led on a five day journey which aims to combat the psychological and emotional devastation caused by their illness and its treatment. By supporting people as they overcome appropriate challenges, whether physical or creative, the Odyssey Project helps them to rebuild their confidence and regain their zest for life.

The Odyssey Project courses are for people living with, or having had a recent experience of, cancer and who need a helping hand to get on with life again.

Through funding like ours, the Odyssey Project can increase the number of people who benefit from these life-changing programmes.

Hugo Iffla, the Odyssey Project Director, said “The grant from ABF The Soldiers’ Charity means that we are able to offer eight more people with cancer the chance to benefit from attending one of our life changing courses. Because we consider it vital that places are offered free of charge to participants, all funds have to be raised, so we are extremely grateful to The Soldiers’ Charity for this donation. We look forward to receiving the serving soldiers, veterans or their spouses on to our courses over the coming year”.

Brigadier (Ret’d) Robin Bacon, Chief of Staff, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity adds: “It is critically important that we help our veterans through tough times, even when it isn’t Army-related. The programmes that the Odyssey Project run are incredibly valuable in keeping spirits high when it’s easy to feel low. We thank you for organising these programmes for those in need.”

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