Every October during Black History Month, Britain celebrates the part played by black people in our national story.

In honour of Black History Month, we are celebrating some of the many black soldiers who have achieved great things and paved the way for future generations.


Walter Tull

From orphan to war hero. Walter Tull’s incredible story is told in this podcast by BBC Radio Northampton’s Graham McKechnie.

Sgt Louise Banton

Louise’s path from a student to Army veteran is marked by moments of sheer determination and milestones of change.

Black VC Recipients

The Victoria Cross is the most prestigious award of the British honours system and has been awarded to several black service personnel since its creation in 1856.

Supporting veterans with RCEL

Our charity is proud to work in partnership with the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League to support veterans like Colour Sergeant Maxmos Ketulo, who served Kings African Rifles during the Burma campaign.

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