Operation Bletchley, your virtual codebreaking fitness challenge, is back and is looking for new agents to crack the codes before it’s too late.

This year we have two new missions for you: London and Paris.

Bletchley to London (50 miles on foot):

You must help us secure a new line of communication from Bletchley Park to the Cabinet War Rooms in London… can we count on you?


Bletchley to Paris (100 miles on foot):

You’ve been dispatched behind enemy lines in France and must successfully deliver the encrypted message to a secret agent waiting for you in the heart of Paris. Do you have what it takes?

Operation Bletchley is a family-friendly challenge with three difficulty levels to choose from. Whether you walk alone or bring the whole family on board, you have one month starting 1st July to complete your chosen mission.

Can you decrypt the messages in time?

For more information, visit: https://operationbletchley.soldierscharity.org/


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