Waterloo Uncovered

The Soldiers’ Charity has very recently awarded Waterloo Uncovered a grant of £12,500 to help support their work and tomorrow (7 July) marks the beginning of 2018’s Waterloo Uncovered project. A team of leading archaeologists, veterans, and serving personnel from the armed forces will be returning to the battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium to excavate for evidence of the fierce fighting that took place there in the battle of 1815.

Waterloo Uncovered combines archaeology with veteran care and recovery. Mark Evans, Chief Executive Waterloo Uncovered, says: “The opportunities Waterloo Uncovered offers can be life-changing. For some, it’s just the chance to be amongst people who’ve had similar experiences, to focus on the practical task of digging. For others, it’s an opportunity to follow up their fascination with the history and gain new skills and the confidence to go on to further study. For some people, that can open up a whole new direction to their lives”.

The excavation began in 2015. Finds to date include a large variety of musket balls, pistol balls and cannon shot from the Allied and French armies revealing the close-quarter nature of the fighting, as well as items of equipment and uniforms, and new evidence of the original buildings destroyed by French cannon.

Brigadier (Ret’d) Robin Bacon, Chief of Staff, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity adds: “The Soldiers’ Charity is pleased to support such a fantastic project that British Army veterans can truly get involved. The combination of bringing together people who hold the same values and the same love for the Army, whilst helping them with their recovery, education, and transition to civilian life, is invaluable.”

For more information about the work of Waterloo Uncovered on the battlefield: www.waterloouncovered.com

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