The Carrington Drum is a year-long event by ABF The Soldiers’ Charity where Army units challenge themselves in unique ways to raise money for soldiers, former soldiers and their families. This year saw the Army Foundation College (AFC) Harrogate take first place for the fourth year in a row.

Challenges in the past have seen units organise bucket collections, fun days, log runs, coffee mornings and more. This year, AFC Harrogate used innovative ideas, such as cycling the distance of the Normandy and El Alamein battlefields, to raise vital funds for the Army family. The highlight of its fundraising came from two junior soldiers who were sent home during the first national lockdown. Undeterred, they embarked on the 48-hour David Goggins Challenge, running four miles every four hours for 48 hours.

The winners of the 2020/21 Carrington Drum are:

1st       AFC (Harrogate)

2nd      27 Regiment RLC

3rd       29 Regiment RLC

27 Regiment RLC secured second place by completing two separate 100km marches from Aldershot to Brighton or London and even had personnel deployed overseas in Belize participate in various virtual events.

29 Regiment RLC won third place by conquering a rowing and biking marathon and covering 1,944km in just two days. The regiment also took part in charity golf days and bucket collections.

We thank every unit that took part in this highly competitive challenge and look forward to seeing more incredible fundraising activities taken on to support soldiers, former soldiers and their families.


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