We are proud to be helping Home-Start Medway support Army families and their children by providing arts and crafts materials during the current isolation period.

Our charity has previously awarded Home-Start Medway a grant to go towards family outings in the summer. However, due to the current situation, we decided to re-allocate £1,000. With this reallocation we’ve been able to provide craft boxes for 23 Army families with children aged eight and under so they can enjoy creative activities without running out of craft supplies. These boxes were delivered yesterday and are already helping Army parents continue to play and bond with their children.


Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Home-Start Medway has maintained regular contact with families via phone and social media groups where it offers home activities for children and parents to take part in together.

They are also offering a weekly drawing challenge for families to get involved in and are encouraging them to post their completed projects online.

Home-Start Medway offer unique services for families with children across Medway. Its vision is to ensure parents have the support they need to give their children the best start in life and to manage any issues they may be having, such as post-natal depression, their child’s illness or financial worries.

To find out more about Home-Start Medway, visit: https://home-startmedway.org.uk


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