For many years, our charity has been helping soldiers, veterans and their families to manage their mental health.

Mental Health Week aims to reduce the stigma that can stop people from asking for help. It is also about better understanding and encouraging others to look out for their own mental wellbeing.

Last year, we supported 21 other charities and organisations that work with the Army family in this area. Our support included:

  • Spending over £70,000 on counselling for individuals
  • Awarding over £8,000 for respite breaks and holidays for families undergoing hardship and stress
  • Directly funding 18 veterans to attend the Pain Management Programme at King Edward VII’s Hospital, providing life-changing tools and strategies to manage chronic and long-term pain. Vital funds raised at The Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch enabled our charity to provide £6,500 for each participant
  • Awarding £35,000 to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) Welfare Fund to provide social activities and outings for those undergoing long-term treatment at the DMRC hospital.
  • Providing £250,000 to Combat Stress to assist over 2,500 veterans with PTSD, difficulties with anger, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues
  • Supporting We Are With You, the UK’s leading addiction charity, with £30,000 for a veteran-specific programme named ‘Right Turn’ to help those misusing drugs and alcohol


If you or someone you know needs help, contact your local SSAFA office or your Royal British Legion office or, if you are in Scotland, Poppy Scotland.

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