The Hong Kong LEP Trust was established in 1992 to provide support to the primarily former members of the Hong Kong Military Service Corps (HKMSC) and the Royal Navy (Hong Kong) Division and their dependants who remain in the Special Administrative Region. There is a long history of people from Hong Kong serving in the British Armed Forces prior to 1997 as Locally Enlisted Personnel (LEPs). The LEPs served in the RCT/RLC, Defence Animals Support Unit, the Royal Signals and other units. Such duties continued until the end of June 1997, just before British control over Hong Kong ended.


There are some 8,400 former LEPs with an average age of 61, plus their dependents, with nearly all of them residing in Hong Kong. Small communities also live within the UK and Canada. The Hong Kong LEP Trust supports the former LEPs and their dependants in a wide variety of ways, including welfare, education and vocational training.

The Trust is governed by a board of Trustees who meet twice annually. Three of the Trustees reside in Hong Kong and at least two UK-based Trustees visit Hong Kong each year to ensure that the objects of the Trust are being appropriately delivered and the LEP population are properly supported.

Our grant will go towards supporting the work of the Hong Kong based Veterans Outreach Officer (VOO). Their role is to identify beneficiaries’ welfare needs and provide case-work services in Hong Kong. This work includes paying home visits to those in need, and attending ill, frail or elderly veterans in hospital. Part of this grant will also go towards enhancing the delivery of welfare and benevolence activities.

Major General (Ret’d) David Burden, former Chairman of the Hong Kong LEP Trust said: “We are most grateful to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity for its generous and enduring support, enabling the Trust to deliver much-needed care to our deserving Hong Kong veterans and their families when in real need, making a very real difference to the quality of their lives, particular as they age. Thank you.”

Brigadier (Ret’d) Robin Bacon, Chief of Staff at ABF The Soldiers’ Charity adds: “We are utterly committed to supporting our former soldiers and their dependants, wherever in the world they live. I am pleased to be one of the Trustees that has the opportunity to support these loyal former soldiers and sailors on their home ground each year. The Hong Kong LEP Trust is a key link to ensuring those who need our help receive that ever important care. The Soldiers’ Charity are delighted to be able to support this essential work.”

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