We are thrilled that Savanta’s Top 100 UK Most Loved Charity Brands 2023 report has ranked our charity at number 39 (three points higher than last year’s report), putting us in the Top 40 for the first time.


We have also kept our position as the nation’s third best loved Armed Forces charity brand, behind The Royal British Legion (30) and Help For Heroes (34).

The rankings are based on opinions gathered from 60,000 consumer interviews conducted  by BrandVue Charities – Savanta’s market intelligence platform – the largest brand, audience and supporter tracking engine on the market.

The report notes how a charity’s success relies on the generous donations of its supporters – and people’s willingness to give is largely determined by the extent to which a charity’s mission and values align with its supporters’ values. We are very pleased that Savanta’s latest research reflects how our charity’s brand, mission and values are becoming more popular every year.

Savanta’s report can be found here.

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