Fisher House
Fisher House

The Soldiers’ Charity has donated £10,000 to Fisher House, which stands on the site of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB), to sponsor one of the building’s 18 bedrooms for a year. The sponsored room was named “Wellington Room” by The Soldiers’ Charity when we first supported Fisher House.

Fisher House, which opened in April 2013, enables families to quickly settle into a stable routine, knowing that their loved one is getting the best quality of care at the QEHB and they can remain close, living nearby whilst their treatment is being carried out in the hospital. To alleviate financial pressures which may stop families from being able to be in close proximity to the hospital, Fisher House is free to all military families.

The 18-bedroom ‘home away from home’ offers a supportive environment where residents have the space to relax.’ They’ve put communal living at the heart of Fisher House as their families have commented on taking great comfort and strength from sharing their experiences with others in the same situation. In the last five years, Fisher House have given over 18,000 nights of accommodation to more than 3,300 people. An impressive number which is constantly on the rise.

Fisher House
Fisher House Kitchen

Communal living facilities include a family room and play area, lounge, ‘cinema room’, dining areas and laundry room.  The kitchen is kept stocked with essential provisions such as tea, coffee and bread, and all families also have access to personal cupboard and fridge space to help them feel at home.

Mike Hammond, Chief Executive of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity adds: “The continued support of  ABF The Soldiers’ Charity makes such a difference to the families who stay at Fisher House.  The need for Fisher House continues to grow with 2017 being our busiest year to date with over 971 people staying at the house. We are very proud of being able to support the UK Armed Forces and with the help of associations, such as ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, we will be able to continue for many years to come”.

Fisher House
Fisher House Living Room

Brigadier (Ret’d) Robin Bacon, Chief of Staff, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity also adds: “It is vital for soldiers that their families can be close-by when they are in treatment or in recovery from an injury or illness. Fisher House provides an excellent facility for military families, allowing them to live in a supportive and communal environment whilst having their own space. We would like to thank Fisher House for their continued support to our soldiers, veterans and their families in times of need.”

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