ABF The Soldiers’ Charity has recently awarded The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) Charity £50,000 to fund two bays in the hospital’s new ward. Since the charity’s inception in 1997, they have received and administered millions of pounds worth of donations, which have funded improvements to hospital facilities, supported pioneering research, and assisted in numerous other essential projects.

The RNOH is the largest orthopaedic hospital in the UK and is regarded as a leader in the field of orthopaedics both in the UK and world-wide. They provides a comprehensive range of neuro-musculoskeletal health care, ranging from acute spinal injury or complex bone tumour to orthopaedic medicine and specialist rehabilitation for chronic back pain sufferers. This broad range of services is unique within the NHS.

Patients benefit from a team of highly specialised consultants, many of whom are nationally and internationally recognised for their expertise and experience. Consultants are supported in their work by nurses, therapists and other specialist clinical staff who are trained experts in their particular fields of orthopaedic care.


Rosie Stolarski, The RNOH Charity’s Director of Fundraising and Development, talks about their new ward and how our grant will help: “We are hugely grateful to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity for their generous grant towards the RNOH’s new adult acute ward.

The new ward will treat many military veterans every year: both those who have been wounded in combat, and those who develop musculoskeletal problems in later life as a result of the physicality of their service. Treatments carried out in the ward will range from surgery, including complex joint reconstruction and joint replacement, to rehabilitation programmes and pain management – often for chronic, long-standing pain.

The Charity’s grant will be used to fund a range of much-needed equipment and enhancements for the new ward, including a state-of-the-art hoist and travel system, specialist chairs for patients with acute spinal conditions, modern furnishings, and uplifting décor.

We cannot thank ABF The Soldiers’ Charity enough for their continuing support of The RNOH Charity.”

Brigadier (Ret’d) Robin Bacon, Chief of Staff, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity adds: “It is vital that we look after our veterans after leaving the military. Whether they have been injured in service, or develop musculoskeletal problems afterwards, it is important to know they are receiving the best quality of care. The RNOH is a wonderful charity who provide first-class care and support for those who need treatment. We thank you for your work.”

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