April 28, 2024, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


No Ordinary Obstacle Course Race

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The Adrenalin Shock Obstacle Course Race (OCR) is far from ordinary. Since 2015, Adrenalin Shock has established itself as the go-to place for those who want to push the boundaries of OCRs, assault courses and mud runs.

Based on the legendary Krypton Factor Assault Course, this OCR includes heinous obstacles and mud…lots of mud!

The two options available are 5km and 10km. The choice depends on your pain threshold (of course, remembering that pain is only weakness escaping!).

The Army Benevolent Fund has partnered with Adrenalin North Yorkshire since 2015 to deliver this special mud run. Over that time, Adrenalin has forged a reputation for being probably the best-value OCR in the country.

Getting wet at Adrenalin

“A not so short, sharp, shock to the senses – guaranteed!”

The Route

Off-road routes include marsh, bog, woodland, rough hilly ground interspersed with tracks and fields, and if that was not enough, at the end you will encounter 800 metres of deep mud and water between the obstacles (numbering 37 to 52, depending upon which distance you go for) to negotiate on route to the finish.

The obstacles are evenly and tightly spread around the course. They are large and over half have more than one component to them: climb, jump, wade, swing and crawl over and under. It will seem endless and you will need to dig deep and muster every bit of stamina to maintain your pace and position. The harder you push yourself, the more intense it will become, and relief will only come when you cross the famous double Ks finish line of the Krypton Factor.

Adrenalin Shock ABF Participants

How to Enter Adrenalin Shock OCR

To enter Adrenalin Shock, simply follow the link to the registration page here. Entry costs only £38.00 for the 10km race and £28.00 for the 5km race. From the registration page, you will have the option to set up a fundraising page via Just Giving. We will help as much as we can to support your fundraising.

The lower age limit for the 10km race is 16 years, although entry for the 5km is 14 years, accompanied by an adult. You can also enter as a team using the form – there will be special prizes for the winning teams!

Each competitor will receive an iconic Adrenalin Shock branded beanie hat and goodie bag at the end of the race.

Adrenalin – A Veteran-Owned OCR

Veteran OwnedAdrenalin is owned by former Paratrooper, Will Scullion. Will takes great pride in his military service and this is hugely apparent in the way the he organises the race and manages his business. The course is used extensively by military units who want to gauge the mettle of their people, and test them under conditions of ‘controlled adversity’.  Many soldiers will also take part in this event to get their ‘off-duty’ dose of Adrenalin

Fancy an Adrenalin Shock Taster?

Watch the highlights of our 2023 race on YouTube:

Your Privacy Matters

Of course, we will need to communicate with you about Adrenalin Shock, after that it is up to you. We value your privacy; our full privacy statement can be found here.


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