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“I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the Cateran Yomp over the last 4 Years and can honestly say, hand on heart it is without doubt one of the best Charity events I have ever had the pleasure of attending. It is always meticulously planned and executed with military precision. The ABF Staff are outstanding with their dedication & enthusiasm which is infectious; no matter what time of day or night you meet these guys at the various check points along the route, they always greet you with a smile & a hearty ‘Well Done’. Keep doing what you’re doing lads ‘n’ lasses of the ABF, you’re quite simply the best!”

Andy Maylett 2022 Yomp Participant

“The reason I run was to support the ABF . I was very fortunate in my service I didn’t have to access any support mechanism such as the ABF.

I have always been keen to support charities like the ABF . I have always striven to support and help in any way I can.

So as long as I am upright and breathing I will support the ABF”.

Sam, 2021 Great North Runner

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