We are delighted to award a £15,020 grant to the Scottish military charity, Bravehound, towards its work providing Army veterans with access to its assistance dogs programme.

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity promotes the mental health and wellbeing of Army veterans as one of its priorities. We support charities who work with animals to foster companionship with vulnerable veterans and help them to rehabilitate and recover from injury and trauma.

Bravehound is the only organisation in Scotland working to the Assistance Dog UK (ADUK) standard to provide partner dogs to veterans with mental health needs and has seen an increase in demand for its services since the recent pandemic.

Our grant will cover all the costs associated with Bravehound’s Wraparound Support Project, so that charity staff can meet in person with beneficiaries and ensure they have the right level of support in partnering with their dogs.

Fiona MacDonald, Founder and Director, Bravehound, said:

“Support from ABF The Soldiers’ Charity means that we are able to provide the extra support that is so essential to the wellbeing of our Army veteran beneficiaries. Having the capacity to more spend time with them and help with sometimes complex needs is an essential part of ensuring that beneficiaries are able to fully engage with the Bravehound community.”

Peter Monteith, Chief Operating Officer, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, added:

“We are committed to promoting the rehabilitation and recovery of injured veterans, and fund a range of charities engaged in partnering them with animals in a way that improves their mental wellbeing. We are proud to make this grant to Bravehound.”

Read more about Bravehound’s work here.

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