We are proud to award Deafblind UK a £5,000 grant towards its helpline and wellbeing support package.

Deafblind UK supports those who suffer from combined sight and hearing loss by reintroducing skills that members may have lost. As a charity, we are committed to supporting the wellbeing of veterans and are pleased to be working with Deafblind UK who are now recruiting an additional cohort of deafblind veterans, offering specialist information and advice, opportunities for social interaction, access to financial support and help completing support forms where deafblindness would otherwise make this task very challenging.

The helpline team offer information on deafblindness, point people towards further support when handling the condition becomes too much and more. This results in around 1,200 people being supported each month.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the helpline team connected people to local support groups who could help people who are deafblind get access to food and taught people how to use video calls and other accessible technology to keep in touch with their family.

In addition, our grant will also contribute towards Deafblind UK’s wellbeing and support package. This aims to give those who are deafblind more in-depth support. The six-week programme offers a safe space for members to share their thoughts and experiences with trained advisors. At the end of the programme, a personalised plan is formed to ensure members are fully supported in the future. It is programmes like this that enables us to provide a lifetime of support to veterans in need.


To find out more about Deafblind UK, visit https://deafblind.org.uk/


To read more about how we have supported the Army family during the ongoing pandemic, visit https://soldierscharity.org/covid-19-latest-news/

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