We were delighted to bring together members of our Influencers Network and supporters of our charity at the Cavalry & Guards Club in London earlier this month, for a Q&A with our new Chief Executive, Tim Hyams, hosted by Gwen Rhys, Founder of Women in the City and friend of the charity. In an engaging talk, Gwen and Tim discussed the charity’s position post-Covid, Tim’s future plans for the charity, the Army’s current status, and the anticipated challenges facing the military and our beneficiaries.

Gwen Rhys (left) with our Chief Executive Tim Hyams (right).

Tim spoke of the increasingly complex nature of our beneficiaries’ needs and the changing demographics of the Army veteran cohort; with some 44% of our veterans now being below the age of 65. As a result, the charity will need to be ready to support more complex need and for longer periods, which in many instances will result in increasing costs per case.

Tim noted the Army now is, for the first time since 1756, based predominantly in the UK. He shared his view that this affords it the opportunity to move from a relationship with society to a relationship in society. At the same time, its operating posture becomes one of being engaged persistently abroad in direct pursuit of UK prosperity and security, whilst also increasingly being seen acting in support of the civil authorities at home in times of crisis.  Taken together, and in the context of tragic events in Ukraine, this suggests a renewed understanding of the Army’s contribution and relevance.

We want to say a huge thank you to Gwen and all the members of our Influencers Network who helped to make the evening such a success.

About the Influencers Network

The Influencers Network brings together ex-military and civilian professionals to celebrate good leadership. Guests connect with peers, share leadership skills, and learn more about how their organisations can positively impact the lives of soldiers, veterans, and their families.

For more information about our Influencers Network or to discuss how your organisation can support our work please email [email protected]

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