On Monday, our team was at Dalton Barracks in Oxford for the opening of a new baby care centre. The new centre is one of eight under construction on Army bases across the United Kingdom, as part of a joint project between The Soldiers’ Charity and the British Army. The project was funded by the Chancellor of the Exchequer using LIBOR funds.

Once housed in a dilapidated portacabin, the centre has been completely refurbished to provide a light, spacious place for military families to bring their children. The new centre is equipped with sleeping areas, a ball-pit and sensory room, to ensure babies get the best possible start in life.

Major General Duncan Capps, General Officer Commanding Regional Command, says: “What this gives is parents and children a chance to have a proper purpose-built facility, that reflects the needs of modern parents and allows mums and dads to get back to work.”

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